We figured our first post should start with the absolute basics when it comes to buying suits as so many men out there get this wrong. 

There are a ton of different suit colors, patterns, and styles such as slanted pockets, wide or skinny lapels, we can go on and on. Don’t let all these fancy options overwhelm you or worse fall into the trap of buying something that is too “out there” and you end up wearing it only one time. Whether this is your first time buying a suit or 20th time, we recommend that you to have at least one charcoal grey, navy blue, and medium grey single breasted, two button suit in your closet before you even think about buying those pinstripe, plaid, or a tan colored suit.

Have at least one charcoal grey, navy blue, and medium grey single breasted, two button suit

The beauty of the time tested classic charcoal grey, navy blue, and medium grey suit is that it works in every occasion, and you will never come off as trying to “too hard”. It also never goes out of fashion, you can look back decades in our history and you’ll see that these have stayed fashionable throughout the times. You might be wondering that just wearing just 2 different colored suits over and over again may be bland, but remember you can mix and match this with various different shirts, ties, belts, and shoe combinations.

There is a misconception about a black suit that it should be one of your first purchases, but here at the Tailored Men based on our experiences we believe black is better suited to more formal occasions such as weddings, funerals, gala dinners, etc. It can be a decent replacement for a tuxedo if necessary, hence not a must have right away.

Anyways, because we believe everyone should own these, we decided to run a promotion to give a $100 discount on this style, you can check it out here. Let us know what you think, comment below or shoot us a message.