Our Mission and Story

To help you look your best, feel your best, and be the best.

The story started the first time we wore a suit, we realized right away that people respected our opinions way more, and we also got more attention from women. The more and more we wore suits we realized it really inspired confidence and drive within us. From that day onwards, we realized that dressing well has a direct relationship with how good you feel, and how you are perceived, and that is how the idea was born to get into the business of making men all around the world look their best, feel their best, and subsequently be their best.

But the journey wasn’t that easy, we realized that well fitted good quality suits cost a fortune and hence were unaffordable to the general public. So then we started travelling all around the world to find tailors that can make amazing suits that is also affordable. We visited over 100s of tailors before we figured out a system that ensured we can provide you with high quality well fitted suits at reasonable prices. However, seeing all our customers in pictures smiling wearing our apparel has made the journey all worth while.

We know that just making people look their best won’t change the world for the better, but we are certain that we will inspire creativity and drive to change the world in our customers when they wear our apparel and look and feel their absolute best.

Why Us

High Quality

We are extremely obsessive with our quality checks, we double check everything from the texture of fabric, buttons, zippers, stitching, pockets, etc. We also have a very lengthy and painstaking process before we onboard any tailor to work for us. We never rush this process as we want to be certain you will get the high quality garment you truly deserve.

Timeless Designs

You will notice we don’t sell
100s of different styles, we do this on purpose as we want sell suits that you will actually wear most of the time, and also focus our efforts on making sure these suit are of high quality with the perfect fit. We have ton a ton of research to ensure every design we sell is considered trendy for as long as humanely possible.

The Perfect Fit

We know that the right fit makes all the difference whether you want to look spectacular or prefer a bit more comfort. Our height, weight, body type is typically more accurate than a human taking measurements. So you can be certain it will fit well, but for whatever reason if it still doesn’t, we offer up to $50 in-store credit to offset the price of further alterations.